Sunday 18 April 2010


"I stood in Piccadilly and I thought I heard the sea, thought I heard her sing, and a thousand voices laughed at me ..." Tir Na Nog's Piccadilly is an exquisitely beautiful song about feeling lost and abndoned in the heart of London. "Please don't leave me in this lonely, lonely city". And you get the sense of an Irish country boy lost and bewildered. The Irish folk duo Tir Na Nog made some lovely recordings, and deserve to be as revered as your Nick Drakes and Incredible String Bands. As for Piccadilly? Well, I was always told as a kid that if you stood for long enough at Piccadilly Circus you'd see someone you know. It's certainly something the great Calypsonian Roaring Lion discovered when he thought he saw his Caroline. And indeed it's true. For you never know who you'll see come riding past in the jim-jams ...

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