Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Soho ... again

"We ate cream cakes in Valerie's. We could stroll to the National Galleries. We got talking about John Deakin. We could see Francis Bacon. Went to The French House and we drank too much. And I think I love you ..." During The Hangovers' Soho Gina Birch touches on some lovely London colour which seems straight out of a Shena Mackay short story. The Hangovers it should be said was a short-lived project of Gina's after the 1990s return of The Raincoats. While the sound is eyebrow raisingly robust it is the delivery of the vocals that makes the Slow Dirty Tears LP so remarkable. Gina sounds possessed and gloriously theatrical at times. Among the others playing on the record are Simon Fisher Turner, who is quite a London legend in his own right. SFT is something of what you might call an all-rounder: child actor, would-be teen pop star, composer, and a key part of the el Records story as, among others, The King of Luxembourg and occasional in-house songwriter for folks such as The Would-Be-Goods ...

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  1. For the record(!) Simon Turner co-wrote the songs on the first Would-be-goods single, 'Hanging Gardens of Reigate' and 'Fruit Paradise', with Colin Lloyd-Tucker but there his involvement with the Would-be-goods ended.