Friday 23 April 2010

Fanlight Fanny

"Up the West End, that's the best end, where the night clubs thrive. Down into a dive you go. Now there's a jazz queen, she's a has-been, has been Lord knows what. Every night she's there on show. She dances underneath a magic spell. She's full of charm and beer and stout as well ... " sings the inimitable George Formby at the start of his little number about Fanlight Fanny the frowsy night club queen. Ah the allure of the underworld. Not all it's cracked up to be sometimes is it? This song was performed by George in the 1939 Ealing Comedy Trouble Brewing which also starred a lovely young Googie Withers. The late great Clinton Ford resurrected the song at the start of the '60s and had a hit with it as Fan Dance Fanny. It's got some great lines in it this song it really has ...


  1. I love this song. My favourite George Formby tune.

    "There’s a jazz queen she’s a has been, has been Lord knows what"

    What a great Blog, Rob

  2. Thanks Rob. Your site's the ace face though!

  3. Clinton Ford's real name was ....George Harrison!

  4. I didn't know that. Love that sort of detail.